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SFB Mission

“By any Joke Necessary!”  –Frustrated with the constant negative images of black people in media, unchecked appropriation, and the overall lack of education in African American history, (I mean, how did we not know about the, “Hidden Figures” women!?), Amanda Seales decided to use her humor, her Master’s degree in African American Studies, from Columbia University, and her love of games and music, to create a game show that serves as a safe space for the Black voice, and celebrates the many contributions Black Americans have made to history, pop culture and more!

Smart Funny & Black//The Show

Smart Funny & Black, Created by comedian/actress/producer, Amanda Seales (HBO Insecure) brings your favorite funny folks to the “Hall of Flava,” to compete, in a head to head battle of wits that tests their knowledge of black history, black culture, and the black experience.  After a night of fun as hell games, flanked by a live band, and a turnt up audience, each show ends with one guest, literally, taking the “L”, the other, taking the crown, and being inducted into the, “Illustrious League of Master Blacksperts”.

Smart Funny & Black//The Host

Comedian, actress, writer, producer, and more, Amanda Seales doesn’t just make you laugh, she makes change

With an uncanny knack for taking serious topics (racism, rape culture, sexism, police brutality, etc.) and with humor, making them relatable and interesting, she combines intellectual wit, exuberant silliness and a pop culture obsession to create her unique style of smart funny content for the stage and screens.

Along with performing stand up across the globe, and touring colleges doing comedic lectures on everything from sexism and diversity, relationships to black popular culture, this former MTV VJ with a master’s in African American studies from Columbia University is a series regular as Tiffany on, HBO’s “Insecure”, guest starred on, “Blackish, has performed stand up on Late Night with Seth Meyers and opened for Chris Rock, is creator/host of LA’s hit comedy game show, “Smart Funny & Black” at The Roxy, speaks truth to change via her wildly popular Instagram and weekly podcast, “Small Doses”, has written/produced/starred in two seasons of her scripted comedy, Get Your Life, available on and went viral after articulately and passionately confronting Caitlyn Jenner on issues of race and equality in America, during a live streamed dinner, hosted by Katy Perry, on Youtube.

A Jedi Khaleesi with a patronus that’s a Black Panther with wings, Amanda Seales continues to keep audiences laughing, thinking, and living in their truth!

The World of Smart Funny & Black


A blackspert is anyone who has proficient knowledge, respect and valid opinions that encourage the protection, credible critique, and advancement of black culture.  Basically, regardless of race, anyone who proves, through jokes, that they’re up on the dopeness, and down with the cause!

The Illustrious League of Master Blacksperts

Comprised of iconic contributors to black culture, the, “Illustrious League of Master Blacksperts” is a fictional society, made up of hella real folks.  From Tupac to James Baldwin, Frederick Douglas to Oprah, Snoop to Nina Simone, and more, our guests compete for the highest honor of joining their exclusive ranks.  

The Fams

Just like the houses of Hogwart’s or the Greek life at HBCUs the Fans within SFB represent shared interests that once again show the variance of black identity while still acknowledging the unity amongst us.

The Hall of Flava

A safe space where the uniqueness of black culture is explored, heralded, and critiqued through the comedic lens of Smart Funny & Black.  Audiences come to sing, laugh, dance, and learn understanding that the energy is celebratory and the hall is hallowed. All who walk in tolerance, positivity, and intellect are welcome into the Hall of Flava, but must understand that its paramount purpose is to provide voice to the black experience.

The Clapbacks

Our live band that provides the soundtrack to the night, keeping the knowledge in tune, and the comedy on key!

SFB Academy

Coming Soon! Get Ya Learn on with classes in comedy writing, production, and performance through the African American Lens!

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